I Heart You by Tina Lugo

"I Heart You" 
Tina Lugo 

About the zine :
"I Heart You" is a perfect compilation of how my body of work has evolved over a three year time frame from when I first began working on plexiglass. It embodies with it the erotic, fantastical, and often tongue-in-cheek humor landscape my paintings border, under the filtered lens of 90's pop culture. Pieces included have been shown at spaces such as Parlor Gallery, The Cotton Candy Machine, The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and The Kinsey Institute. I encourage you to be roped in by it's dark subject matter with a wry smile, as a voyeur, and think on what we find sexually appetizing as human beings. -- Tina Lugo

• 6" x 8"
• 32 pages, full color
• First Printing: Edition of 100, individually numbered
Second Printing: Edition of 85, individually numbered
• Release Date: June 9th 2014

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